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School Registration for BGPA begins January 13, 2020 and ends January 29, 2020.

Initial School Registration: January 13, 2020-January 21, 2020
2nd Extension: January 22, 2020-January 29, 2020

Initial Public Registration: January 24, 2020-January 30, 2020
2nd Public Registration: January 31, 2020-February 6, 2020
3rd Public Registration: February 7, 2020-March 6, 2020

Public Open Houses are scheduled for:
January 29, 2020
February 27, 2020

The school operates via lottery. If the grade level is full and no student withdraws, there will be no availability. Anyone is welcome to complete an "Admissions Application" form that is found on the website under the toolbar "ENROLL HERE" located on the top of this page and the right side of our homepage. Complete the "Admissions Application" and click on the "submit" tab. This form must be completed and submitted electronically. You will receive an email in response and a Registration Packet will be attached for you to complete and return to our main office in person with all required documents. When you return the complete registration packet you will receive a receipt number that you need to save for your records.

To submit a registration form, please follow these directions:

1. Complete the Admissions Application on our website located under the “Enroll Here” tab at the top of this page or on our homepage.
2. You will receive a verification email with the Registration Packet attached. Print a hard copy and complete the Registration Packet.
3. Bring the completed Registration Packet and required documents in person to the office located at 2650 Van Buren Street, Hollywood, Florida,

Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.