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Principal's Message
When asked why I chose education as a profession, my response 100% of the time is, “Because I love children.” I am a firm believer that no matter what role you play in the education of children, you should “lead by example.” Overall, well rounded students are confident, happy, healthy, and successful in fulfilling their future educational and career aspirations.

After 32 years of working with children my educational philosophy and beliefs are:
 *All students have the potential to learn.
 *Student learning experiences should be high interest, engaging, hands-on, and challenging.
 *Students learn best through inquiry resulting in problem-solving and critical thinking.
 *A positive, nurturing, supportive environment must be established to promote emotional, social, and academic growth for all students.
 *A collaborative community of students, parents, and faculty must be created and maintained for the purpose of developing, strengthening, and enriching the learning experiences.

In my experience, students achieve their maximum potential when they are actively involved in the learning process. Differentiation of instruction is necessary to meet the individual needs of students because they do not all learn in the same way. Personalizing instruction enables students to develop a strong academic foundation that is necessary for them to think critically and creatively when solving problems. It is important that instruction captures their interest and motivates them to excel. These are the expectations and environment that Ben Gamla Preparatory Academy will continue to strengthen and support.

It is also important that parents, students, and staff are visible and participate in extra-curricular activities. Attending an athletic event, a National Honor Society Induction, a Spring Musical Performance, College Night, or a “Light the Night” walk for Leukemia and Lymphoma are all great examples of how we can enrich our learning environment. These types of activities cultivate a sense of responsibility and citizenship. This is what builds school pride and spirit which is an important component of all school environments! I expect to see all of you at these events!

Building a comprehensive College Advisement Program is a priority. I have extensive experience in this area with a 100% of students being accepted to a college of their choice. High School grade level meetings will begin this year starting with our 11th and 10th grade families. These meetings will be scheduled prior to the end of the school year in order to provide you information that students will need to complete during the summer. You will be notified through announcements posted on our website and Parent Link.

I am looking forward to working with students, parents, and staff to create a college preparatory environment that is supportive, challenging, and rewarding! There is much to be done, but I know we can accomplish it together!

- Gayle Iacono